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Iowa Woman Claims Bigfoot Showed Up at Des Moines River

BONAPARTE, Iowa — An Iowa woman last Wednesday said she saw a bipedal creature by a river in Van Buren County.

Water flows through the 527 mile-long Des Moines River

Water flows through the 527 mile-long Des Moines River

“It was about 10:30 p.m., I was sitting at the Des Moines river on the ledge right at the water, when I heard a rock being thrown in, and a second later I heard another kaboosh , and then a third,” Tye, who didn’t provide a last name, reported to The Crypto Crew founder Thomas Marcum.

As she turned her head toward the splashing noise, says Tye, a “huge hairy” creature stepped out of the woods into the water.

“It looked like a man but bigger, just standing there. It was so big it blocked out a light on the water from a distant house. It had very wide shoulders and I only saw from chest on up,” she explained, adding that she couldn’t see its face due to “matted hair”.

Tye maintains the alleged creature, which she refers to as “Momo“, noticed her presence and that it tried to hide out of sight twice prior to going back into the woods. She believes an approaching vehicle startled the animal.

“Momo is very real and was here that night,” Tye said.

Tye, who Marcum says she is a Bigfoot researcher reporting for his organization, did not mention taking any photographic or video evidence of the purported encounter.

Iowa has had a fair share of odd occurrences this year.

Last April, three people claimed to have witnessed a human-like creature with animal face in a forest next to the city of Council Bluffs. Two months earlier, a driver in Pocahontas was able to capture the images of what he called a creature inside a trash can looking UFO.

In March, residents of Davenport woke up to strange “atmospheric sounds” that were captured on video by a computer science student.

The city of Bonaparte, established in 1837, sits on the 526 mile-long Mississippi River tributary Des Moines River area with a population of 447.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Filehawg

    June 3, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Saw something by the Plant property out of Augusta one night. shape of very tall Bigfoot looking and saw it’s eyes when headlights hit them.

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