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‘I Worked for the DoD’, Reveals Virginia Woman who Saw ‘Baby Bigfoot’

BEDFORD, Va. — A woman who claimed she saw a “baby Bigfoot” and its “mother” revealed on Wednesday that she had worked for the United States Department of Defense prior to her retirement and she added new details about the alleged sighting.


“I worked every DOD branch with a secret clearance, active within 10 years. I have seen some crazy stuff, but this takes the cake,” the woman, who had previously provided a full name, told Cryptozoology News.

She maintained that she does not “indulge” in alcohol or any type of drugs and that her eyesight, except for reading, is still “very good”.

The former agent is still certain that what she saw on Sept. 9 were two animals that resembled other Bigfoot eyewitness accounts reported around the country.

“The mom had to have seen me because I drove up on them. After she got away from the road headed toward the woods, she put the baby down, after about four steps,” she explained. “There is no way this was a bear, I know bears and have seen them in the wild and this was no bear!”

When questioned about the possibility of the sighting being a pair of kids testing their Star Wars costumes for the upcoming Halloween, she immediately discarded it, explaining that a “normal human” would have difficulty making the long strides with such garments, and that the purported mother was “gliding through them with ease”.

“There are no houses occupied in the area, the property the mom was entering is like a state preserve, and you can see the wide worn path through the woods and mom was headed toward. I think this is a regular path for them based on the way the weeds are beat back. Plus the area is full of fruit orchards, easy food.”

She also added new physical details about the creatures, which she says had a “light, brownish-red hair on the lower half hips down and dark hair up”.

“But I never got a good look at the upper half of the mom. I believe when she put the baby down she was collecting rocks. I think that is the reason she put the baby down, or why not keep moving?”

The Virginian woman had reported in a previous statement that the “baby” had clearly noticed her approaching them in her vehicle, but she also believes that the “mother” was aware of her presence.

“She knew I saw her and she saw me. I sensed her fear, or mine, it was scary,” she said. “I did feel as though it was trying to communicate with me. I know stopping would have been a bad idea and I never slowed down.”

And she says she has plans to come back to the area to further investigate the incident.

“Today, I had my yard man check it out and here are his texts: ‘You could still see the imprint of the foot pretty clearly, very freaky! There was definitely a trail larger animals have been traveling along.  Way too cool.’ I want to make a cast of the footprint, but unsure what material to use,” she said, “I have several photographs and I would be glad to forward them”.

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  1. donna fiallos

    September 17, 2015 at 9:32 am

    My daugter and i saw big foot. On the side of the the road in fincastle va. About six years agoe.

  2. Randy

    September 22, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    I enjoyed reading your story of the events that happened to you As I am very much into nature have believed in such a creature existing myself to the best of my credibility feel that I have seen one myself I know they exist other people know they exist society is blind to believe that they don’t exist they just very smart and do not want to be seen if they wanted to be seen we would have found more evidence but I definitely hear the knocks at night the loud roars so you’re not alone I will see you know that anyway thank you for your story be careful and also thank you for your service God bless

  3. Bryan

    September 24, 2015 at 6:19 am

    Amazing, I was down near route 43 myself about 6 years ago fishing when I encountered and animal or beast that made the horses run, I could sense that it was big me my brother and friend Cory turned around and looked in the woods after we heard branches crackling. Something was standing about 50 yards from us in the woods just watching with super blaze green eyes, I’ll never forget it and what happened next made me run so fast and from there it’s crazy, it screeched some horrible sound like scary but horrible we dropped everything and ran as fast as we could never went back to the pond again. This was at the Campbell’s pond at fast lane performance

  4. Tommy

    September 26, 2015 at 11:58 am

    A retired farmer in the area saw what he called a swamp bear. If I remember correctly, gray in color, tall and lanky.

  5. Rachel

    September 29, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    All your stories are fantastic you are all so lucky. My dream holiday would be looking for bigfoot, I live in the UK so not really the habitat here. Even though saying that there was a reported sighting at Sherwood forest a few miles away, I just can’t see the forest being big enough and it is quite an active area for cycling, walkers, riders, tourists etc.

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