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‘I Saw Bigfoot Twice,’ Says Arizonian

Ariz. — A 63-year-old woman says she is sure she has witnessed Bigfoot in two separate occasions.


Arizona resident Nancy Lake told Cryptozoology News that the first time she came upon the being was back in 1966 while she and a friend got lost in the White Mountains area, near the Blue River.

“At that time, I had to argue and beg for my parents to let me go camping. I was able to go and it made me so happy,” Lake, currently a mental health counselor in training, vividly remembers.

The problem, she says, was that they were not properly equipped and soon became disoriented as the daylight began to fade away.

“We had nothing with us, no compass or water and it was getting chilly. We would stop and look around hopelessly… We were just two city girls without any real sense of navigation and direction. We would learn that the others were out with flashlights trying to find us, but to no avail.”

The two young girls were reportedly sitting down in an open patch of forest when the strange sounds began.

“My friend began to cry and panic. There was a rising moon ahead. I noticed some movement and a low-pitched howl as well,” she explained.

That’s when she says she spotted the two creatures in the distance.

“I could see several pairs of eyes looking at us. They were quite big. I was 5 feet tall even and about 100 pounds. I am sure these furry beings could have tossed me around like a rag doll. They were at least 7 feet tall and had a massive shoulder with fur.”

But surprisingly, says Lake, she was not worried and the creatures’ presence actually calmed her down. She believes they were using some sort of “telepathic” communication.

“They said they were guardians and that if I listened they would direct me back. There was a kindness about them. My friend said ‘what is that noise?’, but I told her it was just a raccoon. I was way intuitive that night and the path lit up in front of me. I would hear branches break ahead of us in the dark and I knew that we were supposed to go in that general direction.”

Lake says that when they finally found their friends, who were anxiously looking for them, the group was “overjoyed” to see the two girls were safe.

“But I was sad because I longed to know them better –the Bigfoot creatures– and that would not be possible. I kept it to myself.”

The Mogollon Monster is a Bigfoot-like creature purported to live in the Mogollon Rim of Arizona. Book author and Bigfoot researcher Mitchell Waite last year blamed the cryptid –and a “giant rabbit”– for a series of incidents around his heighborhood in a small community of Navajo County.

Lake is not the first one to report about the unproven creature’s telepathic communication abilities. About a year ago, an Ohio woman claimed to have experienced a similar experience when these “creatures” allegedly held her “captive” in a cave in 1962, just four years prior to Lake’s reported encounter.

Some Bigfoot research organizations, such as the BFRO, theorize that the cryptid exhibits a natural curiosity toward domesticated animals, loud noises like cars or chainsaws, and “especially the screaming of children at play”.

Cindy Barone, a 13-year-old girl from Michigan, claimed to have found a Bigfoot in her barn in 1981, saying she had been able to touch the creature’s “fur”.

What Lake didn’t know at the time was that decades later she would come across these same “forest guardians” once again. Only this time, she says the event occurred 300 miles away, right in the Uinta Mountain range, located mostly in the contiguous state of Utah.

“It was in 1994. I was a single mother moving to Utah at the invitation of a friend. My college friend had lined up a job for me in Roosevelt. My two boys and I were traveling through the mountains at dusk and it was scary for me,” she said.

As they stopped a few minutes for a break and got back in the vehicle, Lake says she noticed that the headlights were “hitting a pair of eyes in the distance”.

“From my perspective the furry human figure was about 3 or 4 inches high. That is because he was up on the cliff side ahead. I suppose that would make his distance about 100 yards from us. He had both arms holding on the rocky ledge, just standing there observing us.”

And even though this time she felt her heart “pounding a bit” and was not “as calm as before”, she says she again sensed the intelligence in the eyes of the being as she and her family drove past it.

“They are human like, with perceptive eyes. I sensed an intelligence and I had a haunting memory that told me these were ancient relatives. They are not like bears or other forest creatures. I respect all sentient beings but they seem to have a knowing and ability to transfer thought,” Lake said.

Lake currently maintains her own website, which she says is “dedicated to helping others develop spiritual abilities”.

Last year, a truck driver in Utah said he had spotted one of these primate-like animals while parked at a truck stop in the city of Tooele.

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1 Comment

  1. daniel clavette

    August 11, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    Wow that is truly cool that that person that saw big foot twice in the woods and their will be more big foot sighty in the future event.

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