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I Found and Photographed a Young Bigfoot, Oklahoma Man Claims

Okla. — A man claims to have captured the images of a “young Sasquatch” in the woods of Oklahoma.

The Bigfoot enthusiast, who goes by the name of Maxe Mista on a YouTube channel, says he was looking for the unproven beast in an undisclosed wooded area of the state when he had the alleged encounter.

“I had made a few calls while photographing a possible den site,” he says. “From behind me, I heard a cough and a whoop.”

Reportedly, as he turned to investigate the source of the unusual sounds, he saw some “movement” and was able to snap a photograph.

The picture, embedded in a 1-minute film he uploaded to the video sharing website, shows a dark hominid silhouette with a cone-shaped head behind the thick vegetation.

“Later, after zooming in, I discovered the young Sasquatch in the photo watching me,” explained the YouTuber.

And although it is not clear whether the familiar looking silhouette could just be an optical illusion created by the pattern of shadows and vegetation, the videographer seems confident that what he captured was an actual ape.

“This is the real deal,” he said, adding that a team of “experts” is already working on enhancing the photograph in order to prove the animal’s existence.

In April, a Bigfoot audio researcher in Oklahoma captured the sounds of an unidentified animal he suspected could be a Bigfoot.

In 2009, a fisherman filmed the images of what he referred to as a “goblin humanoid” near Ripley, Oklahoma.

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  1. Santos

    May 21, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    Soo…what you have is…nothing. Neat.

  2. Kiaya

    May 31, 2015 at 12:18 am

    That is pretty convincing evidence there, looks a little staged but the hiding face literally scared me. Not one im used to seeing. If this is a hoax then they spent alot of money on that costume.

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