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Green-Eyed Bipedal Creature Spotted in Idaho

MCCALL, Idaho — Two people in Idaho report seeing a bipedal creature with green eyes.

One of the men, who asked to remain anonymous, said they were fishing at a mountain lake when they decided to head back to their truck.

“We were walking down the trail when it started to get dark and a storm began to move in. It started raining,” he told BFRO investigator Kevin Llewellyn about the 1980 encounter.

The eyewitness recalls hearing a noise behind the bushes. Thinking it could be a deer, the two men realized it was walking away from them.

“Until it turned around and looked at us,” he claims. “When it looked at us, its eyes were bright fluorescent green.”

The eyes, he continues, were at least 8 feet off the ground. The fisherman says he and his friend “got a bad feeling” and “felt very uncertain about what this animal actually was”.

According to their narrative, the creature began following them so they decided to walk to a nearby lake where they could make use of more light in order to see the biped more clearly.

“But there wasn’t much light anyway. We had stopped inside the darkness of the trees when we saw its illuminated green eyes again.”

That’s when they reportedly grabbed two large branches, threw them against a boulder, and charged the animal, “yelling like you would if herding cattle”.

“We ran right up into the darkness of the forest, and it didn’t move a muscle. It just stood there, staring at us.”

Shocked, the two men realized it was not a bear, cougar or “any normal creature” they were familiar with.

“It was something new and it was not afraid of us. We were terrified.”

The eyewitness says the creature followed back to the truck and they drove home.

“I told a friend of mine and he told me that his father had had a similar encounter about 40 years earlier.”

Three years ago, a truck driver in Idaho claimed to have hit and killed a Bigfoot creature as he drove on the I-90.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Factoidal

    May 21, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    There is certainly something going on that the public are not told about and the “authorities” have been aware of for a long time – this applies to all sorts of phenomena that people have seen and encountered or come across by other means – such as buildings on the moon that are so apparently there and visible it is clear that we are being lied to and the truth is being hidden from us.

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