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Giant, Translucent Flying Worm Invades Home in Czech Republic

CZECH REPUBLIC — A man claims he saw a big translucent worm inside his home in Prague.

The city of Prague, standing still by the Vlatava River.

The city of Prague, standing still by the Vlatava River.

The man, a 23-year-old student at the country’s capital who provided a full name but asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News he was sleeping in his bedroom when he noticed the unidentified hovering over him.

“I had weird unpleasant dreams , then I woke up at 4 a.m.. I was not feeling good,” he said. “I felt disturbed and stood up on my bed. Over it, I saw something like web of a spider colored with soot,” he added.

At first, he explains, he thought it was just a spider web with “some filth in it”.

“I was upset that my parents had left such ugly thing there. I wanted to get rid of it.”

Reportedly, as he tried touching it, it moved and that’s when he noticed it wasn’t a spider web.

“The thing moved… the string was just internal part of body of flying worm-like being, as clotted blood in intestine of the thing,” he recalls.

The student admits that he was in a state of fear but that the unidentified being was apparently exhibiting similar behavior.

“It seemed to be full of fear too, because it flew quickly away from me. I had in my room a lot of things –stacks of books, boxes, coconut palm which soon died, lamp and a lot of mess– and the worm-like thing was evading all, which it had in trace. It seemed little confused but soon it escaped from my sight and I thought it dissappeared.  I was overlooking my room and after while I saw it escaping through vertical tilt opened window. The window is white and I saw the whole being in front of the window frame. I saw all internal and external features, organs, body parts including that black string.”

The ordeal purportedly lasted about 3 minutes and he was able to gather a detailed physical description of the creature, which he said was approximately “the size of a keyboard”.

“Giant flying gauzy, translucent worm. I’m interested in biology and well in invertebrates, but I don’t ever met with even idea of such being. It was like giant macroscopic Paramecium caudatum adapted to live in atmosphere instead of hydrosphere. Internal arrangement was very structured, but I saw it very short time to remember all features, but there was nothing like nucleus or cilia. It was about 30 to 40 cm long, and about 10 cm in diameter. It had simple worm-like shape… more like earthworm or fly larvae. I don’t know how it was possible that it was able to float and active fly,” he explained.

In 2014, a Colorado man released a series of photographs containing flying jellyfish-like critters with “translucent wings”.

15 days earlier, a similar anomaly surfaced also in Colorado and was captured by the surveillance system of an Arvada resident.

In September of the same year, John Bomhoff, a videographer from Florida, recorded a parallel event where numerous “blue lights” that appeared to be organic in nature had invaded a woman’s home.

In 2003, Paul Shishis, a 56-year-old working as a QC receiver, told Cryptozoology News he had seen a “flying snake” while camping near Sandbanks Provincial Park near lake Ontario.

And even though the Prague student says he knows that what he saw was real, he is also convinced that going public and publishing his name would only bring him trouble.

“I questioned my sanity, but my mother and my very skeptical father saw some of the things too. I’m asking myself  ‘what it was?’ , ‘what happens here?’ very often, and my personal confusion and unrest with these things is only reason I’m writing about it. I really don’t wish to be connected with areas like cryptozoology and ufology. Many my friends are scientists are educated in science and this can bring me and my family only problems and ridicule,” he said. “I swear, this is not a joke.”

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  1. luna fifffsh

    January 16, 2016 at 8:09 am

    i saw something like that once

  2. Tim

    October 19, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    this would’ve been ten times more intriguing if you had the witness submit a DRAWING of their experience!

  3. The witness of this stupidity

    March 9, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    I made a drawing, despite I’m not an artist, I was trained to make sketches of all observations in the biology… I’m actually verry ashamed to go with this publicly, but I’m also not a liar or prankster and I wish to proove it by any means necessary. I sometimes doubt about my own senses, because I saw that thing! It is real, and what I shall do?!

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