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Explanation of “Ghostly Apparition” at Bolivia’s Soccer Game

LA PAZ, Bolivia — The live feed of Bolivia’s El Tigre vs Uruguay’s Defensor Sporting soccer match shocked thousands of viewers last Thursday when a “ghost” began running across their television screens.

The footage, broadcasted via Spanish speaking television network Fox Vivo, shows the human-like shadow crossing the fences of the La Paz stadium Hernando Siles, purportedly running through the seemingly oblivious present soccer fans during the extended minute ninety one of the match.

The alleged anomaly lasts about five seconds before the panning camera turns to a different spot of the stadium.

“There is a black shadow crossing through the middle of the stadium’s tribune. You can see the black shadow, walking, crossing through the middle of the fence that’s there, then reaching the other section,” a journalist describes the event on a television segment aired by Bolivia’s network PAT.

“Are there ghosts in Hernando Siles? One more time, that’s the question we ask ourselves. A ghost was there, watching the match,” she adds over the sound of the X-Files theme song playing in the background.

But fans, believers, and skeptics also made comments about the incident.

“So many empty seats it could have just been someone jogging,” says Mo Morris.

“It’s very clear. It’s real no doubt,” another viewer adds.

“One hundred percent doctored,” argues Jandro Aleman.

“No it is not fake, because it is live. However I don’t believe there is a fence, as the TV host says,” replies Silvia Ortega.

Visual techniques allow the overlapping of images and can be easily accomplished on live television transmissions.

In 2012, the laser hologram of defunct American rapper and actor Tupac Shakur stunned hundreds of people during the the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.

But sometimes, the truth is simpler than fancy technology: the suspected “ghost” is actually a man running along an empty row of seats. If you look closer, you can see him rushing down the stairs, dodging a stadium worker wearing a yellow vest, prior to making a left turn and starting to sprint. Notice also that a man in a red jacket walking in the opposite direction along the white fence at the bottom, seems to notice the mysterious runner.


Direct quotes and comments were translated from the PAT video segment and the YouTube comment section by Cryptozoology News.

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1 Comment

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