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Florida Woman Releases Pictures of ‘Grey Alien’ : My Dogs are Failing to Mature

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — A woman in Lee County has released a series of photographs of what she refers to as grey aliens.

The Estero Island woman, who provided a full name but asked to remain anonymous, on Thursday submitted the pictures to Cryptozoology News.

“I began hearing a couple voices in April of 2015,” she said. “They started as murmurs and finally full blown telecommunication,” she continued.

The Floridian maintains that, since “communications began”, objects began missing around the house.

“Currently, over 400 items –that I can list and have proof of owning most, picture, receipt– have vanished. When it first started, I hadn’t seen anything, and would call the cops for stuff like an entire shopping bag from Target of brand new items vanishing. They never believed me.”

The three photographs, reportedly taken with an iPhone, are outdoor images containing a humanoid-shaped figure hiding behind different places.

“The last year I have taken so many pictures of these grey aliens,” explains the woman. “It is literally unreal.”

alien florida estero island ufo

Alien or pareidolia? Photo courtesy of eyewitness.

alien florida estero island 2 gray alien

An ominous figure hides behind the thick vegetation in this photograph from 2015. Published with permission of the eyewitness

alien grey alien florida estero island picture

A “grey alien” with big black eyes and thin nostrils shows its face through a screen door in this 2015 photograph. Published with permission of eyewitness.

But the Fort Myers Beach resident says these alleged apparitions have been nothing but trouble.

“The police never believed me. I was constantly put in the hospital and am still looked at as semi-crazy by the social networking world. I eventually got an investigator on the case, but the calls never went through, and he eventually sent a certified letter saying he had dropped the case because of no communication,” she claims.

The woman goes on to say that these creatures have taken total control of her surroundings and that strange things are happening with her pets.

“My dogs failure to mature. I endure a daily torture, there is constant communication.”

She says these humanoids “can appear as almost anything” and orbs are sometimes seen “flying toward” the creatures.

“They have large heads and big dark eyes. Once I thought I saw myself, but I was passing through a closed door. I have a picture of a figure that looks human and like me,” she explains, suggesting the purported creatures are starting to adopt her shape.

And it looks she is not the first one in her family to have reportedly experienced the unusual occurrences.

“My entire life, my mom was talking to something… she was eventually killed after starting menopause at 52. She would hide things in the craziest places, behind clocks…”

But her story is however not unique in Estero Island. Three months ago, a family in Lee County sent Cryptozoology News a series of videos containing “alien creatures” and a “robot”.

In early 2015, a man released a picture of what he said was a “reptilian alien” driving a vehicle ahead of him in a busy road in Tampa, Florida.

Two months later, a newspaper delivery man, also from Florida, shared footage of an” extraterrestrial” being at a cemetery in Sarasota.

Also last year, a woman claimed an alien had taken her wrist watch while allegedly being paralyzed in her New Jersey home.

Fort Myers Beach is a town located in Estero Island and has a population of 6,300.

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  1. Mista Marsupial

    January 30, 2016 at 10:03 am

    I think it`s pretty obvious that much of what is reported is utterly real – I also believe that various parts of officialdom are well aware they are real but as nobody can do much about it and in order to stop widespread fear and panic it is suppressed.

  2. Ward Weinheimer

    February 3, 2016 at 3:40 am

    If anyone else is having alien activity, please get in touch with me.

    • Ward Weinheimer

      February 3, 2016 at 3:42 am

      I meant to say alien activity in Lee County Florida.

  3. Pete

    June 20, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    I see these things every day. They torture people. They *rely* on the fact that no one believes you. They feed off of human suffering.

    When a person can no longer be used by society these things step in and try to pin you down. If they succeed they will keep you in a vicious cycle of trauma — not just from them but anything from your past will keep repeating (via reenactment or otherwise); and they feed off of this [fight/flight, life energy] energy.

    They crush your will (like a vice grip) so that you literally can be devoid of a self if you don’t fight it. It’s worse than anyone can possibly imagine (think daily torture in a prison camp). There is no escape right away.

    It comes down to time, and self-belief. Think of Neo going against the agents in the Matrix – it seems like you have no chance, but you get hit and brutalized enough times, that eventually you stand up an your power literally flips them out of you and on their asses.

    What happens is that your will gets restored and you will end up seeing them falling away from your mind/body.

    I went down this road once, then got snared due to my ignorance (they will try to get you again).

    Just don’t give up. What happens as a result of the transformation will blow your mind. Stay in full alignment with what is revealed. Once you are free never go back, I repeat, never, under any circumstance go back or give in to anything that compromises your will and or integrity lest you will suffer in the most untold ways.

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