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Eyewitness Report:’Bigfoot’ Helps Family in Michigan

The following is an user-submitted report and is being posted in its entirety. If you have had a sighting and would like to send us a report, please fill out this form.

Name: Andrew B.

It was 1999. Myself and my family were on a camping trip near the Asabo Michigan
river when I went down a fire trail and try to turn around with my boat in
tow and my 2 wheel drive truck.

The axle of the boat trailer got stuck on some slack saplings and it sunk my axle of my F-150 in the sand.
Thinking there’s no way I’m going to get out of here and no self service, I
started to panic. I put the truck in neutral because it was digging us
deeper, when suddenly my daughter yelled big monkey! We launched
forward and I had thought that a game warden or someone had pushed us out. Unbeknownst to us as I turned, as I had realized that the truck was still in neutral, I put it in drive and continue to move forward. It was the night and I could see the steam coming out of a giant pile of poop.

We drove back to the campground on the lake near
the dam store, as it is called. When we looked at the back of the truck there
were two giant poopy handprints three times the size of my hands.

My daughter said that there was a giant monkey looking in the back window of the pickup truck, looking at her.

We told her we believed her and went to the campground store the next morning to show them the prints. They took pictures and told us that we had met the local Bigfoot. When the Rangers came to
investigate, as we had called them, they laughed and said the same thing, as
though it was common knowledge to them that there was a Bigfoot in the area.

We were blown away, to say the least.

Last year, a man in Michigan released a photograph he believed contained a Bigfoot creature.

Credit: Jack

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