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Driver Claims Alien Encounter on Australian Road, Says he Has Footage

RENMARK, Australia — A man claims he saw a UFO with two “entities” inside.

An outback road in Australia

An outback road in Australia. Credit: Wally Ir

The anonymous man says he was driving on a road in Southern Australia when he noticed strange lights and decided to pull over to video tape the event.

“I stopped to see the pretty confetti of star-like flashes surrounding and engulfing my path, I got my video to try to capture the sparkles,” he wrote last Thursday on the Mutual UFO Network.

The Australian explains that the object looked like a noiseless flying craft that appeared to have landed on the ground next to the road, just about 30 feet away from him. The unidentified vehicle, he says, contained two “small glowing entities”.

“They were on the center rim of the craft, with big black eyes and large heads,” he added. He reports that their legs were always moving, restlessly, and that they seemed to have noticed the perplexed man’s presence.

“Both were peering in my direction.”

The man also claims that there was a “big silvery mirror sphere”. He estimates the round anomaly was about 30-feet wide.

Feeling uneasy, he explained, he decided to take off and drive away from the area.

“I drove away as fast as I could. I am still shocked by it all.”

And even though the eyewitness claims to be in possession of a video detailing the entire account that allegedly took place that June of 2014, he says the public won’t be seeing any of it until MUFON first takes a look at it.

In 2014, an Australian woman said she had proof that our planet was being visited by aliens.

About a year ago, multiple witnesses claimed to have seen a UFO hovering over a populated beach in Sydney.

In 1966 more than two hundred people reportedly watched an object land next to a school in Melbourne, Victoria, in what some have dubbed as one of the biggest UFO mysteries.

In 1927, a series of incidents involving an “alien bird” reportedly terrified the neighbors of Fernvale.

Nick Malicki last year captured on video a humanoid creature he referred to as a “Nephilim”, attached to to the roof of a cave in Douglas Shire.

With a human population of 7,500, the town of Renmark is located in Riverland area about 157 miles northeast of Adelaide.

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