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Radio Host and Crew See ‘Bigfoot’ in Washington

TROUT LAKE, Wash. — A radio host says he and his crew witnessed what they believe was a juvenile Bigfoot last weekend.

Clyde Lewis, host of the increasingly popular radio show Ground Zero, says they were at the ECETI ranch when the sighting took place.

“We actually were recording footage for our documentary on the Maury Island affair and its various connections, including Kenneth Arnold’s sighting over Mount Rainier of nine flying boomerang shaped craft that eventually disappeared over Mount Adams,” Lewis said. “I came with my crew and associates including Larry Overman from the SyFy channel’s Ghost Mine, and Olav Phillips, who is a well known writer and publisher of paranormal stories and conspiracy theory.”

Reportedly, after retiring to bed that night, he heard the sound of “strange laughter” that reminded him of a “hyena” or the “laughter of a toy doll.”

“The next night as it was getting late on the ranch Dina, Roger’s partner screamed when she said she saw a shadowy figure in the brush. And whatever the thing was it startled a deer,” he said.

“The next morning was the morning we were packing up to leave. We all gathered in the library area that had an adjacent kitchen where we were brewing coffee and washing dishes. I was sitting in a rocking chair in the main living area and there was my friend Sarah and another listener, Carse, sitting on a couch. We were all sipping coffee and talking about the trip home when all of a sudden I saw something peculiar,” he added.

Mt Adams UFO Bigfoot
Mt Adams along Trout Lake Highway. Credit: Pfly CC BY SA 2.0

“Something” was running away from the apple trees as it headed into the woods. According to Lewis, the creature was covered in rough, brown ash hair.

“It looked young, was startled by something and it darted across the path and passed by the doorway where I got my first glance at what looked like a Bigfoot. It reminded me of the character Teen wolf played my Micheal J. Fox. I then immediately blurted out ‘Bigfoot—Look its Bigfoot!’ ”

Lewis says the camera crew had already left, so there was no way for them to “snap a picture” of the alleged cryptid.

“Fortunately, Carse was in the building and saw out of the corner of his eye the creature and ran after it,” he explained.

They say however that they were able to take pictures of what they believe to be the “young Bigfoot” footprints.

“I realized that what we had for proof is not as exciting as a picture of the furry creature. I knew that if I shared the story, it probably would not be believed. I have received tons of harsh and hateful e-mails from people that tell me I am crazy, and that I am creating a make believe story to get attention. I fully admit that what I saw was an upright walking young Sasquatch and I did my best to give just a small bit of proof.”

The ECETI ranch is a retreat near near Mt Adams in Trout Lake, Washington, where recurrent UFO sightings purportedly transpire.

Washington is currently dealing with the biggest wild fire ever recorded in the state.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Zabo

    June 5, 2016 at 8:36 am

    Clyde Lewis is a stand up guy! Not that I know him personally but I do listen to him at least 4 nights a week. You can gather a lot of qualities from someone by listening to them nightly on the air. So if Clyde says they saw a juvenile Sasquatch then they saw a Juvenile Sasquatch. Besides they were at the ranch for UFO’s not Sasquatch. I would highly recommend Clydes program for the person just finding out about cryptozoology and wanting to get their foot in the door do to speak.

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