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Chupacabra in Texas?


Last week sighting. Submitted to by user Diabolicism
Last week sighting. Submitted to by user Diabolicism

From Oklahoma to Texas. Last week, the picture of a small Chupacabra climbing on a fence in an Oklahoma neighborhood made some people uneasy and others skeptic. Children were warned to keep an eye while playing outside.

Today, Kens 5 from San Antonio reports  another sighting; Margaux Huckabay says his brother took a video of a strange animal crossing the road in the city limits.



Image courtesy of Margaux Huckabay and Kens5 San Antonio
Image courtesy of Margaux Huckabay and Kens5 San Antonio

The video, which was taken at night, shows a medium size creature that resembles a coyote at first sight, but the tail is excessively long for a coyote. The nose also tends to be shorter in this species of canine. What it could be is a feral dog with a genetic mutation or some sort of disease. The picture however -it happens most of the time with cryptid’s photographs- is a little blurry. It looks like a scared, hungry animal, and not the type of Chupacabra you might expect.


What makes this sighting a little weak is that according to hundreds of Chupacabra reports, the animal is usually described as sharing reptilian as well as mammalian features.What is your take on this?

via Kens 5 from San Antonio

Chupacabra illustration on Cover By Alvin Padayachee [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

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  2. octopushugger

    February 13, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    i personally think that the “chupacabra” is actually just a vicious strain of mange which causes extreme weight loss causing the vertebrae of the spine to appear to be spines, also, it might be sexually transmitted causing a spike in “chupacabra” population. as for the blood drained animals? the strain might cause heightened decomposition which would cause body fluids to soak into the ground beneath the corpse, then the hot southern heat dries up all fluid signs leaving us with a dry, fresh looking corpse.

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