Child Sees Bigfoot on Window

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 12:03am by Cryptozoology News

A 10-year-old boy says he saw a Bigfoot staring at him through a window outside his home.

“Well I woke up in the bed, and I heard tapping at the window, I went over and looked at it, and I saw Bigfoot’s face…and I was looking at it and it was staring at me. I jumped up out of bed and I ran, and then when I came back it was gone,” the boy said to his father on an interview uploaded to the YouTube channel Larry Johnson. By the channel’s description it can be inferred that the event took place somewhere in the state of Kentucky, USA.

The witness describes the beast as “looking like a monkey, like an ape” with what appeared to be wrinkles on its forehead. The eyes, he says, were brown and his mouth was closed when it was looking at the boy.

Reportedly, after keeping eye contact with the animal, the kid ran away into the hallway. By the time he came back into the bedroom and to check on the window again, he explains, Bigfoot wasn’t there anymore.

“I thought it was you at the window, tapping at the window,” the young witness said to his father, explaining why he didn’t bother to tell anyone until the next morning.

You can watch the entire interview below:

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