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Canadian Hiker Captures “Bigfoot” on Video

CANADA– A hiker shared footage Tuesday of a hairy bipedal “creature” walking in the Canadian woods.

Mike Glenn, who was reportedly hiking in Greenwater Provincial Park, claims the beast showed up unexpectedly.

“The creature appeared in front of me. It walked upright and was completely covered with fur,” he said.

The video merely lasts five seconds and it shows the back of the upper part of a hominid-like being slowly walking away from the witness.

The alleged cryptid in the images exhibits a gait similar to a human’s and appears not to mind Glenn’s presence.

“It was not a black bear,” he said.

Greenwater Provincial Park is located in Saskatchewan province in Canada and  covers about 51,200 acres.

In June, a man also from Canada sent Cryptozoology News exclusive footage of a purported Bigfoot in Strathcona Provincial Park.

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