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California UFO Sighting, ‘Reptilian’ Occupant, Prompt Trip to Emergency Room

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — A woman in California’s Central Coast claims a UFO and its “reptilian” occupants prompted a trip to the emergency room.

ufo santa barbara aliens

The anonymous woman said she and her husband were celebrating their first-year anniversary when the midnight event allegedly took place.

That night we decided to camp out at Red Rock, a popular camping site in the outskirts of Santa Barbara,” she said about the winter of 2015 claimed sighting. “We were in the back of the truck when we noticed a bright light illuminating our area… but we couldn’t find where it was coming from.”

The light reportedly “turned off” after a few seconds and the couple noticed an “unidentified flying object”.

“It was changing shapes. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I kept asking him, ‘do you see it, do you see it?’ We were too scared to move,” said the California woman. “It was hovering, back and forth in quick motions.”

As she closed her eyes, she says, a “reptilian face” appeared.

“I was trying to pray. I quickly opened my eyes and then closed them again and saw the same shape.”

When the daylight arrived, she explains, the “object” began to descent and then disappeared. That’s when the couple say they decided to drive away.

But, according to the woman, she became ill on their way back home. She says she began experiencing breathing issues so they drove to a convenient urgent care facility.

“They checked my vitals and didn’t find anything wrong with me. So we took off but didn’t get to far because I began to feel as though I was going to pass out,” she continued, prompting a trip to the emergency room at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital.

“My entire body ached and my female internal organs hurt a lot. I was beginning to lose conscience. My legs felt like a ton, my body felt like a banged up rag doll and my internal female organs hurt a lot. They gave me a Xanax.”

According to the woman’s report, the truck’s radio clock suddenly jumped five hours ahead.

“We noticed the lights at 12:30 a.m., we then saw it change shapes, I reached over to the radio and noticed it was 5:15 a.m.,” she explains, adding that they were able to observe the object for about two additional hours.

And the eyewitness, who claims to have told her family about the event, say they have now decided to share their story publicly.

“I don’t do this for attention, but to just share and allow you to make your own conclusion of what happened. What I do know, is that I get anxiety attacks of just the thought of driving to Red Rock. What I do know, is that my body has never been the same as of that night. What I do believe is that the government is aware but has kept it confidential for very good reason. We as a society are not ready. I have never felt true fear until that night. That night has made me into a believer,” she said.

Missing time is commonly reported by people who believe to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

In 1967, Stephen Michalak was looking for minerals in Manitoba when he came across two oval-shaped objects that appeared to emit “human voices”. The man was reportedly burned by the unidentified vehicle creating a burn pattern across his chest. Investigators were not able to determine the case to be a hoax. All Wikipedia articles related to Michalak’s story were deleted by a bot in August of 2014 and haven’t yet been restored.

In early 2015, a motorist driving on an Iowa road shared the photograph of a creature inside a cylindrical hovering device that resembled a trash can.

Later that year, a man in Switzerland claimed to have been attacked by an unidentified flying object.

In July 2014, a Philadelphia Temple University professor said that aliens are already living in our planet and that they are forcing human women to raise their hybrid babies. Three months earlier, former president Bill Clinton surprised the Jimmy Kimmel show audience when he made a comment regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation.

Also in 2014, multiple witnesses claimed to have seen a large UFO at a populated Australian beach.

In September 2015, a Canadian man snapped a photograph of a disk-shaped UFO in Ontario.

Earlier this year, a woman in Florida sent Cryptozoology News a series of photographs of what she believes to be “grey aliens”. The woman claimed objects in the house were missing and that her dogs had stopped growing up. Three months earlier, a family in Lee County had sent Cryptozoology News a video containing “alien creatures” and a “robot”.

Former White House Counselor for Climate Change and Energy Policy John Podesta in a tweet last February expressed his regrets at not securing UFO disclosure prior to stepping down from his job.

john podesta ufo tweet

A book written by NASA in 2014 also suggested that aliens could have already visited Earth.

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1 Comment

  1. Alan Lowey

    May 23, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    It’s not necessarily from outer space but could have evolved here on Earth.

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