California Lawyer: ‘I was Attacked by a Bigfoot’

Posted on May 31 2015 - 4:11pm by Cryptozoology News

SIERRA CITY, Calif. — A group of men claim a Bigfoot creature attacked them at a mountain in Sierra Nevada.

bigfoot sierra nevada

High, a San Francisco lawyer who didn’t provide a last name, says he and a group of friends decided to go camping to Diablo campground for the holiday weekend.

“We got everything set up before dark. We had set up a camp fire and started telling stories like we did when we were kids,” he told Bigfoot enthusiast Reverend Jeffrey Kelley. “I had been watching Finding Bigfoot on TV and I told the guys about a story not too far from here about campers who had a Bigfoot come right into their camp. No one believed it to be true, as there are no monsters in these woods, so we all drifted to sleep the first night.”

According to High, torrential rain had cleared most of the campground in the morning and they were the only ones left.

“It was just us and a few RVs. We decided to take a ride up in the mountain for something to do, we managed to get up on a ridge just as the sun fell over the hill. I stopped the car, we all got out.”

Reportedly, High and his friends were talking about how “spooky” it is to be out in the woods at night, he decided to “whack” a tree branch against a tree in order to startle the group.

“They were laughing, but then something knocked back. It wasn’t very far away. That’s when the fun ended for us all,” he said, adding that they immediately headed back to their vehicle to get out of the area.

But, he explains, as he started the car and tried to maneuver his way out of the wet ground, a “large beast” stepped out on the road.

“My lights lighted up its hairy face, and it raised a melon-sized boulder over its head and threw it at the car. The rock bounced off the front fender, leaving a large dent. The beast roared out so loud that I panicked and hit the gas, nearly hitting the creature as we passed it. We were screaming and it was screaming back at us.”

The group of friends decided to wait until daylight before heading home.

After all, he said, “there were monsters in these woods”.

“To this day, I haven’t been back to the mountains,” said the lawyer.

Alleged incidents involving these unproven animals throwing objects at campers are frequently reported.

Last year, a Kentucky man who claimed to have encountered one of the beasts while camping with his family at Taylorsville Lake, said the big animal had thrown a rock at him.



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