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Bridgewater Triangle Documentary Hits the Screen - Cryptozoology News
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Bridgewater Triangle Documentary Hits the Screen

A film dealing with the infamous region in Massachusetts known as the Bridgewater Triangle is attracting bouts of paranormal researchers and curious minds from all over the United States.

First released in October of 2013 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the documentary is now gaining momentum as it screens throughout the local movie theaters.

The film takes you on an interesting journey paved by eyewitness accounts and experts research about the strange phenomena inherent to the area.

bridgewater triangle documentaryThe Bridgewater Triangle –a term first coined by prominent cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in 1983– is a 200-square-mile zone delimited by the towns of Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown. Enclosed within the boundaries of the triangle lay other towns like Brockton, Whitman, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Bridgewater, Middleboro, Dighton, Berkley, Raynham, Norton, Easton, Lakeville, Seekonk, and Taunton.

Throughout the years, hundreds of  bizarre sightings reported to the police were subsequently documented by the local media.

Of special interest to researchers is the Hockomock Swamp, a hot spot which has generated a plethora of UFO reports, strange reptiles, ghosts, Bigfoot and other cryptid sightings.

In 1978, Joseph DeAndrade claimed to see a human-ape hybrid that many cryptozoologists considered to be Bigfoot. It was a “big, tall and strange-looking creature with long dark-brown hair,” very slowly walking down a small hill about 200 feet away. He estimated the animal was 6-feet tall and weighted about 400 pounds.

Boston Herald article on John Baker's Bigfoot encounter
Boston Herald article on John Baker’s Bigfoot encounter

John Baker, resident of West Bridgewater, said he was in his canoe when he noticed an animal watching him closely.

“Something was following me and I knew it was big. So I took the boat down a small creek to a dry hill and it kept moving,” he told the Boston Herald. According to the newspaper’s report, a “shadowy, hair-covered giant” was chasing the man through portions of the frozen swamp. “I knew it wasn’t a human because when it passed by me, I could smell it. It smelled like a skunk- musty and dirty. Like it lived in the dirt,” he added.

These Sasquatch encounters prompted the intervention of the Bridgewater police and Massachusetts State Police, who spent 48 hours looking for the beast.

In 1984, a person allegedly witnessed a pair of  giant black pterodactyls fighting each other as they flew away through the mountains. A similar incident reportedly took place in Taunton in 1992.

Other reports include pony killer dogs with glowing eyes and ghostly apparitions.

“It happened at Zero High St. Supposedly the house was part of the Underground Railroad. I have always had strange feelings around the house, as if something was watching me.   Another spot is the location where the South Shore Hospital Hospital used to be. When the building was still there, people went inside and had interesting experiences. Mostly ghost sightings but maybe something else…  The next one is similar to the Hockomock Swamp, the Cedar Swamps. People have seen what can be described as orbs floating in the swamp. A friend of mine who lived near the edge of the swamp, told me stories of strange red eyes looking out. I experienced a couple of shadow figures among the trees and what sounded like screams. I know there is a bird that can sound like a woman’s scream but this was a little too human,” a resident of Hanson writes on a section of the film’s website, where dozens of people share their personal experiences in the triangle.

Another man, Hans Hug, says he has been looking for a missing pilot for over 13 years.

“He left Norwood Airport in his Piper then headed-as best as Boston radar could track him-over the Taunton corridor when he disappeared from radar. It is a huge mystery. He was expected to fly north to home in the southern NH area but instead it “seems” he flew south.  Triangulation by the FAA using Boston/Providence/Taunton radar put him adjacent to the corridor of this ‘triangle’. I have consulted dowsers who put the plane in the Rocky Gutter Swamp in Middleboro. I even hired a chopper to fly this swamp in the fall twice about 6 years ago and found nothing but even in October the swamp is terribly thick with growth-a nightmare. Obviously he could be anywhere,” Hug explains.

A place where similar recurring unexplained phenomena occurs is the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

You can also rent the Bridgewater Triangle documentary at Vimeo.

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