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Brazilian Woman: Two Robot Creatures Abducted Me

BRAZIL — A Brazilian woman says a pair of robot creatures entered her bedroom and “experimented” on her.

The report, translated by Cryptozoology News from the original Portuguese text submitted to MUFON last week, indicates that the event allegedly occurred inside a residence in an undisclosed Brazilian town one night back in late September.

“That night I had the feeling that I was being watched,” said the anonymous woman. “I figured it was all in my head, but when the night came and everyone was asleep, I noticed a light entering my bedroom.”

The eyewitness claims that as she began calling her husband for help, she realized her body would not respond.

“I was paralyzed,” she explains, rendering her calls for help useless.

It was then when she says she saw the two creatures surrounding her.

“They looked like robots. One was, give or take, over 3 feet in height, the other was a little taller.”

The tin-covered pair were reportedly speaking “right into her ears” in a “metallic voice”.

“I didn’t understand what they were telling me… they were also talking to each other,” she recalls, adding that they were inserting some sort of tool into her stomach.

That, she states, is all she can remember. The following day she woke up to a “strong stomach pain” causing her continuous discomfort.

“Two days later I noticed a triangle-shaped scar on the right side of the stomach, I am not sure if it has anything to do with what happened, but it is a huge coincidence.”

The Brazilian woman provided a photograph showing the reported mark on her body. The three incision-like spots resemble those shown on paranormal magazines back in the 90s, when “alien abductions” and “implants” became a popular topic.


The woman believes these three marks could have been caused by the robot creatures. Credit: MUFON

The woman believes these three marks could have been caused by the robot creatures. Credit: MUFON


Last month, a Florida resident submitted a video to Cryptozoology News containing what he called two robot creatures entering his bedroom.

The man also released a picture of a “scoop mark” on his calf, purportedly inflicted by the two creatures.

"I have a scoop mark on my calf," says Weinheimer. PIcture used with his permission.

“I have a scoop mark on my calf,” says Weinheimer. Picture used with his permission.

Back in February, a California resident claimed to being followed by “robot creatures” in the San Jacinto Valley. He provided a video where he purportedly shows the little “creatures” hanging around an open field near his home.

In the fall of 1954, Frenchman Marius Dewilde reported to authorities a sighting involving little “metallic creatures”.

And the Brazilian eyewitness, who claims she has seen strange lights in the sky once before, says she won’t be forgetting these two experiences anytime soon.

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