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Bird watcher Captures Sound of Mothman

file000861605192Portland, Ore. (Cryptozoology News) — A bird watcher claims he has captured the sound of Mothman.

The  Oregon man says he had found a “nice spot” for some night birdwatching, so he went out to the chosen location in order to setup a digital audio recorder.

The audio file, which was sent to Cryptozoology News, is one minute long and contains sounds that seem to originate from three different subjects; a human, a dog, and an unidentified creature emitting two different sounds.

Leroy Smith, 63, described the experience as something he “had never heard or felt before”.

“What I do is I position my audio recorder on a specific location days before I actually go looking for owls. Doing this serves two purposes: it helps training your ear and it is also a way to scout the zone prior to the real deal.”

That December night, Smith took his dog with him.

“Turns out,” he said, “my dog noticed something wasn’t right long before I did. I brought him with me because I had this weird feeling that night. I usually leave him at home with my wife when I go birdwatching, birds don’t like predators…but at the same time the dog acts as a deterrent for other animals, bears, deer, etc… and people. Fact of the matter though, I had that feeling that I should take the dog with me that night. I decided to go to this spot I had checked online days before, where other birdwatchers had reported some interesting owl sightings. It took me about forty minutes to get there. Parked the car, the dog and I got out and grabbed the equipment.”

Then, according to Smith, everything went silent.

What you are about to hear is part of the original recording that Leroy Smith sent to Cryptozoology News.

“The audio is a little confusing. We walked for about two minutes, then for no reason at all, everything went silent. No sounds, not even wind. You will notice some old factory noise in the background, and that’s that. It all went dead. You couldn’t hear a thing. My dog’s ears turned up and he kept looking at the tree in front of us. I couldn’t see anything up there with the flashlight, only some branches, nothing out of the ordinary. But I kept having this feeling that something wasn’t right.”

That’s when you hear the first sound -which some may argue it could be a turkey or a frog- followed by the dog barking.

“He was going ape. Never seen my dog like this before and I was glad that I had brought him with me. We begin walking towards the tree, then we stop for a second…and that’s when it happened.”

Seconds later, a long, deformed humanoid reportedly fell from the tree and levitated in front of the astonished couple. Then an awful scream.

Mothman Statue Artlibre

“I wasn’t even pointing my flashlight at it. I wasn’t sure about what I was looking at, and my main worry was keeping my dog next to me. Looked like it had clothes, black.. It lasted for a few seconds, then a scream but the mouth didn’t open, and we took off running. My dog was so scared he dragged me to the car.”

Smith, shaken and confused, struggled to find the car keys in his pocket.

“I have been in a few bad situations before. ‘Nam one of them. Never felt this fear in my life. I put the dog in the car as fast as I could and drove home. I wasn’t able to get any sleep for days. I kept it a secret for a month and a half. Then I decided to tell my brother and when he listened to the audio, he suggested I send it to you. I read some Mothman stuff on your site and when I saw the descriptions of it by other people, it became clear to me that it could be the same animal, or creature, or whatever it is. I know owls make strange sounds but that was not an owl, I saw it and I listened to it face to face.”

Last week, Smith told us, he decided to move in with his brother.

The authenticity of the audio file has yet to be determined.

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  1. Brian Goguen

    February 6, 2014 at 2:29 am

    Why would this guy come forward now? Even if it was the sound of a frog or a turkey the dog still would have barked.

  2. Alan Lowey

    March 10, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting account.

  3. Dan W

    April 10, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Interesting sounds. I was thinking racoon at first , then that last sound was compelling.

  4. Brian C

    April 26, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Undisputed sounds of a raccoon – the last sound that is in ? may have simply been the same sound garbled on the recording – or multiple sounds happening at the same time sounding like a single sound.

  5. Brian C

    April 26, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Babies make almost the same sound – IMHO

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