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‘Bigfoot’ Startles Hunter in Washington, Follows him Home

Wash. — A man claims to have seen a Bigfoot near his home and that it followed him all the way to his house located in a remote area of Washington state.


Alan, a hunter from Washington currently working out of state, says he began noticing odd activity around the property about a year after he and his wife moved to it.

“It was built back in the early 1940s, it has the river nearby. The landlord had told me that some of the property had some issues when she first purchased it. She was telling me that there were volleyball size holes through the walls. In the interior of the house, there were holes through the floor, completely down into the dirt… after I started putting things together, things started to make sense,” he said in an audio interview with Wes Germer, host of the Sasquatch Chronicles.

According to Alan, things soon began to turn even stranger. Window tapping, objects being moved around and “weird whoops”.

“We’d figure it was just rednecks with their big loud radios across the county from each other,” he explains. “The tapping, we thought it was bears.”

But as things progressed, he says, he realized what was really going on.

“I think it was them wanting us to come out so they could get a good look at us. But as we’d came outside, they’d already be hiding. It was creepy, it was weird, you know? There shouldn’t be nobody messing around with your house out in the middle of nowhere. Everybody living there owns guns… you don’t go messing around. I don’t know if they had a memory of the last occupant of the place.”

He is referring to the last tenant of the house that Alan’s landlord had previously told her about, “one of those type of men who shoot everything that moves”. The man had reportedly left in a sudden and mysterious way.

“We’d wake up the next morning and things would be moved, chairs upside down, how did this happen?”

On a Sunday afternoon in the Fall of 2011, Alan decided to go check the area by the mountain behind his house.

“And I found one of their dens. It is the perfect area for any type of wildlife to have a den, you know? Any kind of critter could be out there,” he said.

Alan didn’t know yet, but soon he would be face to face with the creature allegedly inhabiting that den.

“As I was coming out of the den, I looked up the hill and thought ‘who is that?’ And stopped and looked up the hill, within 40 yards.”

At first, the eyewitness believed it was a person standing there, staring at him. But then he realized that was he was looking at was far from a current human being.

“I froze and we had a stare down. All I could see was from the chest up. It was huge, at least 9 feet. Its shoulders were massive, gray hair, it looked like it had been groomed. I was close enough where I could see the color of its eyes, it kind of reminded me of a Neanderthal.”

Reportedly, Alan chose to go back to the house when he felt the creature walking behind him. He says that he felt as if he was being “stalked” and that it appeared to be intentional, as if the purported beast was saying “you are not the top of the chain food here anymore”.

“I turned around, I had the gun in my hand at that point, because, you know, I was being followed. He was making it perfectly clear that I was being followed.”

The man says he kept the sighting as a secret for three weeks, afraid of even telling his wife.

“Then, I didn’t care what people thought, I know what I saw. I have this feeling that I saw him because he wanted me to see him. I can speculate as to why, but I try to be as objective as possible when it comes to this type of stuff,” Alan said.

In 1996, a 911 dispatcher responded to a call made by a frightened caller out of the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington. The call prompted immediate action from the authorities, who after investigating the area weren’t able to find any evidence of the animal.

The Pacific Northwest is considered to be one of the main habitats of the unproven primate. Bigfoot researchers believe the immense wooded areas make the perfect place for the animals to survive and hide from human eyes.

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