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‘Bigfoot Sounds’ Captured in Mississippi

A man in Mississippi has captured the audio of what he calls “possible Bigfoot sounds”.

The recording, taken by Brian Sons and uploaded to YouTube by The Crypto Crew founder Thomas Marcum, consists of 10 seconds of something that resembles primate vocalizations.

“This is a recording from Brian Sons of possible Bigfoot sounds. He recorded it in the state of Mississippi. I have attempted to enhance the audio,” Marcum said.

Bigfoot screams and vocalizations, although very controversial due to their invisible nature, are a frequent subject in the study of cryptozoology.

In April, A Bigfoot enthusiast released an interesting audio recording in Washington.

In May, two friends were reportedly fishing a Kentucky lake when they recorded chilling “Bigfoot screams”.

Two months later, a group of Washington state campers who had reportedly been hearing strange primate-like sounds throughout the day, captured the sound of a loud “Bigfoot yell”.

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