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‘Bigfoot Smiled at Me’, says Texas Man

Texas — A man claims he had multiple encounters with a “Bigfoot” creature in Marion County.

Richard, who didn’t provide a last name, said he was at his house on the Big Cypress Bayou when the events allegedly took place at 10.30 p.m. about four decades ago.

“I had a house on top of the hill by Lake O’ the Pines. I was out the backdoor smoking a cigarette,” he said last month on a 20-minute call to Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio, a radio podcast with over four years of experience covering “Sasquatch and other related mysterious subjects”.

Suddenly, the eyewitness said, he noticed a strange shape next to an oak tree.

“I saw something on the edge of the tree line. I could see it from the porch’s light.”

Curious and decided to find out what the silhouette was, Richard reportedly put out his smoke and walked out of the driveway to try to interact with the animal.

“This thing smiled, and I thought to myself ‘surely I did not see a bush smile’. I thought I was losing my mind. I went back in the house and closed the door, and there was nothing malicious about it, it scared me, but because of the smile, I thought ‘what in the hell am I seeing here?'”

The eyewitness said the purported beast was about 9 feet tall. He did not provide further physical details.

According to Richard, three nights later, another “petrifying” event occurred.

Lake O' The Pines lies by the oak and pine trees
The Ferrells Bridge Dam, built in 1951, divides the waters at Lake O’ The Pines

“There were squirrels, crickets, frogs, dogs, everything felt like a storm is coming in, it’s like everything is really upset. I lit my cigarette and this flying squirrel, which was living in a bird house right out by the backdoor, ran down the tree, chattered at me like she was mad at me, and ran back up to the tree,” he explained.

That’s when he heard what he believed was the same smiling Sasquatch.

“This thing screams, and when it screamed, it was like a big cat and an elephant screaming in unison. It resonated through every inch of my body. It was the most petrifying thing I have heard in my life. Everything went dead silent. I never heard the woods that silent in my life,” he explained.

Richard also claims that, throughout the years, he and his friends repeatedly observed the creature hanging out by the pond, staring back at them.

Reports of Bigfoot in the Lone Star State have skyrocketed since last year.

In early January, a woman said that a “family of Bigfoot” creatures she believes to be living around her property recently “had a baby”. Twelve days earlier, a Lufkin resident claimed to have seen one of the non-human looking beings roaming around his property in the eastern side of the state.

In 2014, Courts Griner told Cryptozoology News that a group of ape-like creatures had entered his property to climb up onto the roof of his northern Texas house.

In November, a country singer released a photograph of an alleged Bigfoot “eating its prey”.

Richard, who says he is sure that what he saw was a Bigfoot, believes that there is “a lot of activity” going on in the area.

“I am not sure if researchers have come to investigate yet, but they are building a new lake now, so it will probably push the Bigfoot away,” he said.

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  1. daniel clavette

    February 28, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    Wow that is one cool big foot sighty of all time.

  2. Pooper Damien

    April 17, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    I would have just run up and smacked it on its butt if he smiled at me

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