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‘Bigfoot Hair’ Found in Ohio Cave

Ohio — A man says he has found a bunch of hair he believes belongs to a bipedal creature he encountered a few years ago.

YouTuber Squatchmaster, also known as Jeff, released on Saturday evening an 8-minute video showing his expedition leading to a cave in Ohio where he supposedly found what he called “Bigfoot evidence”.  He did not disclose an exact location.

“In 2010 I saw something that lead me into searching for an unknown creature of the forest,” said Jeff.

The creature, he explains, was about 7 feet tall with a “grayish white in color”. It was reportedly walking upright and moved “effortlessly through the trees” in complete silence.

“It showed no fear of me what so ever as it barely gave me notice when it briefly glanced toward me,” he adds.

Today, Jeff believes he has found a mat of gray hair that belongs to that creature.

Jeff shows the mat of hair he says could belong to a Bigfoot. Credit: Squatchmaster

Jeff shows the mat of hair he says could belong to a Bigfoot. Credit: Squatchmaster

The Squatchmaster has been chronicling what he believes could be “evidence toward the existence of a Sasquatch creature” for over three years. “We are in no way saying that they are in fact Sasquatches… only that they are what we believe a Sasquatch to be. The only true way to judge weather the Bigfoot does exist is to actually go out and experience it for yourself,” he says about his video collection.

According to the Ohioan, he will be sending a hair sample to be tested to obtain a definitive answer.

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  1. Steve Alcorn

    November 15, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Really? Squatchmaster?? Give me a freaking break.This is from the same guy who once uploaded the same video twice and in one called it a Bigfoot and in the other called it a ghost. The same guy who showed a BB gun and claimed it was a tranquilizer gun. The same guy who…… I think you get my point

  2. Gavin Blake

    March 19, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    So he is going to put his bare hands all over a hair sample that he wants to get tested… This is why we have yet to prove anything, and why we can’t have nice things.

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