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The Bigfoot Attack on Two Businessmen of West Virginia

Many doubted the story when it was first told in 1986. It was December and the holidays were approaching when father and son, two businessmen from Washington D.C., had decided to take a hunting trip near Cacapon, West Virginia.

Little did they know that sometimes the hunters become the hunted.

The men, who decided to stay anonymous due to the nature of their job, said that they were sitting at the base of a tree when they heard the sound of branches breaking nearby. Thinking it was probably hunters, they shouted “hello” in order to try and communicate with the supposed individuals.

Suddenly there was silence, but the ordeal was far from over, the hunters curiously walked toward the location where the sounds had originated.

file00012586619According to the son, a “black gorilla” came out of the bushes, standing only 15 ft from him. Astonished by the unusual creature, the two men froze. Reportedly, the animal then growled and charged the two men. The father watched his son being chased down by the primate, but according to the witnesses, they began screaming at it, which made the alleged Bigfoot cease the chase.

“All of a sudden, my dad started screaming like he had been stabbed. I looked and there was another of the things behind him, and it had a hold of his shoulder,” he told the West Virginia Advocate. “He was yelling and trying to break loose. I grabbed grabbed hold of him and jerked loose.”

The creatures, they said, appeared to be male and female. The female had breasts “like a woman” and and was covered with black hair. The male was described as having big genitals.

It lasted about 10 minutes before they shot their weapons into the air, prompting the beasts to run away in different directions.

Evidence, such as a a tear in the father’s coat and black hair, were provided to the newspaper. The West Virginia Advocate sent the samples to a lab, but the results are not readily available right now. According to an e-mail by staff writer Wilmer L. Kerns, the paper went out of business in 1992 after the editor committed suicide.

The Cacapon Resort State Park is a 6,115-acre zone located on the eastern slopes of Cacapon Mountain in Morgan County.

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1 Comment

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