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BFRO Investigator Corroborates ‘100 Bigfoot Nights’ Story

The author of the 100 Bigfoot Nights book series says an investigator from the BFRO was able to corroborate her Bigfoot story when he actually came across the alleged creature recently.

The covers and an excerpt of Parker's two book volumes.

The covers and an excerpt of Parker’s two book volumes. Some of these sounds are currently hosted on YouTube.

Christine Dela Parker, who lives in an undisclosed southern state after moving there from California, told Cryptozoology News that the investigator posted his findings on the Bigfoot Forums.

“He told his side of the story,” Parker said. “His name is Tal Branco and he works for the BFRO. I was shocked to find out that Bigfoots have been sighted in our area for years. We would have never bought the house if we had know that.”

Parker claims that two different types of creatures are roaming her property and that she and her family regularly observe them interacting with each other. In early February she told Cryptozoology News that she had witnessed a meeting between two groups of Dogman and Bigfoot beings, some even wearing some sort of clothing and holding “weapons and metal objects in their hands”.

Branco posted information about his personal sighting in late August when he went to the area to investigate Parker’s case, in response to some of the questions involving the case formulated by members of the forum.

“I was investigating the report for the BFRO. I was obligated to keep the names, locations and other personal info confidential,” he wrote.

He said he was driving to the location when he came upon the creature.

“I was called early one night when the family and neighbors were hearing the things vocalizing along the creek. I begin driving over and made the last turn less than 100 yards from their house. In making the turn, I saw a flash of red eyes down along the creek, and I nearly ran over a man that was hauling tail in the street with his back to me.”

The local man reportedly said that he had been attacked by one of the Bigfoots.

“He was very agitated and I asked what was going on. He said  ‘one of those SOB’s nearly hit me with a rock’.”

Later that day, Branco says, he received a call from Parker about another disturbance.

“All that I can say with certainty is that there were Bigfoot running in that creek in front of the lady’s home. She knows these to be facts, as do I.”

And even though many who have read about Parker’s story are skeptical, Branco believes the family is honest and that they have no reason to lie about it.

“Her three sons, all in college, are as bright as the evening star, and very courteous and likable. Good young men. There have been other reports from this general area for more than one hundred years.”

Parker, who says she feels unfortunate to be living in the area, told Cryptozoology News that she is in the process of writing the third book of the series.

“I will send you a copy of the book when I’m finished,” she said.

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