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When Bears Act like ‘Bigfoot’

The advent of new technologies, such as smart phones with the capability of taking pictures and immediate internet access, has clearly changed the way we look at cryptozoology. From pranksters to legitimate sources, the internet is flooded with pictures and videos depicting suspected cryptids that were impossible to gather just a decade ago.

To many cryptozoologists, this technological phenomenon is a dream come true; to others, a nightmare.

But sometimes a simple video can shed some light on the Bigfoot controversy, aiding researchers who once had to stick to contradicting human reports regarding the same sighting.

This is the case of Greg Macgowan’s contribution, who captured the images of a bipedal creature walking across the busy streets of the Oak Ridge community in New Jersey.

The 3-minute long video, showing what Macgowan believes to be a bear walking “like a hooman”, generated the attention of thousands of internet users. Some of them were able to confirm about the creature being a bear, while others didn’t think it was too clear.

“Why wouldn’t you get closer and take a better video if it is a real bear ? Looks fake,” said Joe Cross.

“It’s on my street and not fake. Freaky though,” says S Pugs.

Others, like Rob Mey, demonstrated compassion for the animal.

“It’s real and very sad as the one paw is hurt badly. I have a couple good pics from a few days ago”.

A second video also shows a similar incident in what looks like the same neighborhood.

Possibly an injured bear forced to use its hind legs, the footage reveals what many researchers and skeptics had long suspected, that some of the Bigfoot sightings are just animal misidentifications.

And even though these new images certainly add some progress to the work of any serious cryptid researcher, it doesn’t mean that all reports and sightings are errors caused by the excited witnesses eyes; there is plenty of video evidence, including the Patterson film, which can not yet be debunked by modern science.

What this video tells us, in other words, is that it’s good to always err on the side of caution if serious cryptozoological research is to be done.

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