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UFO Case Update: Bardenas Reales

Recently, one of the multiple soldiers who witnessed the UFO incident at the Bardenas Reales Air Force Firing Range in Spain finally broke his silence and told the story to the press.

Even though this is considered a case of importance to ufologists across the world –given the location, circumstances and nature of the witnesses–, it was either ignored or missed at the time –possibly due to a language barrier– and, to our knowledge, the initial official report has never been updated.

Hoping to serve UFO researchers and enthusiasts alike, it was important to keep an eye on this relatively new information.

The desert of Bardenas Reales, by  Miguel Ángel García CC BY 2.0
The desert in Bardenas Reales, by Miguel Ángel García CC BY 2.0

The revelations came almost forty years after a mysterious dome-shaped aircraft that landed at the firing range had kept the Spanish Air Force on alert for 48 hours.

Vicente Martinez, a soldier on duty at the firing range in 1975, was on patrol that night of January when he noticed the strange object.

“I remember being on patrol that night, it was probably around 11.30 or 12 a.m., when the radio –one of those big radios the Americans at the base would let us use– started making an interference noise. So I wondered what was going on. So I looked through the window and I noticed a light…an object with a white light pointing upward. Suddenly, the white light went out and it became orange,” he told a Spanish TV show.

He then used the phone to notify the Corporal of the Guard, who came to the scene a few minutes later. Multiple witnesses observed the light, which, according to the official report –acquired by J. V. Ballester Olmos from declassified Spanish Air Force UFO files just a few years ago– was now shaped like a half moon and the size of a semi-trailer truck. The object rose, showing white lights on top and bottom, and a pulsating amber and white lights around it. Then it flew in the direction of the tower.

“We were four there at the guard post, watching the object. The light flashed on our faces. So when it was gone, we went out to see and we noticed a reddish thing on the same spot, and it must have been the fire coming out of the object because when we got closer, the fire was still going on the ground. The problem was that we weren’t able to tell what it was in the darkness of the night. Next day some of us went to check out the place and we saw a circumference measuring 33-ft in diameter, 1-ft deep completely charred,” he said.

One soldier said he was so close to the object that he was able to feel “its strange heat.” Others even claimed that their boots became soft, as if affected by some sort of energy.

“They told us not to talk about this. They cancelled our days off and we had to stay there all night. We cordoned off the area with machine guns and all that, because all sorts of people were arriving to see what was going on; journalists, the military…so they told us to cordoned off the area and deny entry to anyone,” Martinez confessed.

Hours earlier, five members of the military had observed  four other similar unidentified flying objects hovering over the city of Burgos.

*Direct quotations were translated by Cryptozoology News

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