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Australian Researcher Records ‘Yowie’s Voice’

AUSTRALIA — A researcher on Thursday said he may have captured the sounds of Yowie, known as the Australian Bigfoot, in the country’s eastern seaboard.

The researcher, who is looking for anonymity, says he has been trying to capture the alleged creature’s sounds since 2010.

“I’m anonymous but to a few for a reason. It’s all about the results. All I can do is present it in as organized way as I can and leave it for people to make up their own minds,” he tells Cryptozoology News.

“Roughly a year ago on a Mountain in the Northern Australian Alps a series of unusual recordings,” he says. “These recordings were interesting enough to inspire a dedicated period of consistent audio research.”

His most recent audio recording, he says, could have captured an “unclassified vocalization” he suspects could be Yowie’s voice. He said the sounds occurred at 11 p.m. last Saturday.

“After capturing native animal sounds for 4 years, I have concluded they are made by something other than a known native animal or person and worthy of further research,” wrote the man, currently in charge of the Yowie Listening Project. “There is substantial evidence of an unknown creature living in remote forests,” he adds.

The file, initially consisting of 15 minutes of audio but later edited by the researcher to about 1 minute, was reportedly taken with a Sony Notetaker ICD-PX312 digital voice recorder and contains what sounds like a curious animal messing with the audio equipment. At the end of the recording, there are two short grunts that resemble those made by primates.

The researcher also produced a YouTube video where he presents an amplified version of the alleged vocalizations.

The man claims that when he went back to the area to get his equipment, the branch where the microphone was attached to was broken and lying on the ground.

“Stranger still was the microphone cord had been wrapped around two sticks,” he said, adding that he makes sure to place the recorder up in the trees to avoid “kangaroo tampering”.

Despite the presence of rainforests, there are no primates in the Australian continent.

Yowie, otherwise known as the Australian Bigfoot, is a monkey-like cryptid portrayed in the Aboriginal mythology reputed to live in the Australia forests. Like his primate cousin, it is supposed to be curious and highly intelligent.

“The First People here call them Dooligah or Jungadee (little ones). They are elusive to the extreme. They will not be captured on trail cameras,” explains the researcher.

In 2014, a controversial video taken by a pair of self-proclaimed Yowie researchers in Australia captured the attention of millions of viewers across the globe. The footage, which showed what looked like a large primate eating apples from a tree, was also allegedly taken at night.

Months later, the two men released new footage of what looked like a hairy animal tinkering with a trail camera tied to a tree. Some however believed it was just a curious koala.

But the man in charge of the Yowie Listening Project tells Cryptozoology News that he doesn’t believe these videos are authentic.

“I do not support the alleged Yowie video. I am aware of the authors and wish no association with them. I can’t stress how highly elusive these creatures are. They won’t dance for apples under an IR light.”

He says that the project will remain active for the entire year.

“Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it but it’s about data. Scientists don’t want blurry photos. Top people here are open to the evidence after reviewing collected data. We know what they want for a serious look. Its just a matter of getting it,” he said.

He is certain that soon “finally someone will capture proof science will look at”.

This someone, the man explains, is YouTube user Rusty22.

“I highly recommend people, at least, watch his last three videos. I believe shortly he will provide a clear, daytime, up close photo of a Yowie. When you see the lengths he has had to go to to accomplish this, and the persistence needed you will understand why I believe trail cameras are useless. Rusty also records audio.”

In 1976, two remarkable Yowie sightings reportedly took place in the village of Woodenbong, close to the Queensland border.

The Australian Alps, a biogeographic regionalization protected by the the Kosciuszko National Park and the Alpine National Park, is the highest mountain range in the country.

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    So legit, I put MY name on it. Lol.

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