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Australian Man Films ‘Yowie’ Creature

A man in Australia shared footage of what some believe could be an ape-like creature.

The night-time video, about 1 minute long, shows a wooded area and a pair of red dots, resembling eyes, moving around.

The YouTube channel publishing the video, Nv TV, did not provide further specifics, such as location and date, of the alleged encounter.

Two “red eyes” show up in the Australian bush. Credit: Nv TV

It is widely accepted that most primates, including humans, lack a tapetum lucidum, which is the part of the eye responsible for eye shinning.

Despite the presence of rainforests, there are not known primates in the Australian continent.

Yowie, otherwise known as the Australian Bigfoot, is a monkey-like cryptid portrayed in the Aboriginal mythology reputed to live in the Australia forests. Like his primate cousin, it is supposed to be curious and highly intelligent.

In 2015, an Australian researcher provided Cryptozoology News with audio of what he believed could be a Yowie creature.

In 2014, a controversial video taken by a pair of self-proclaimed Yowie researchers in Australia captured the attention of millions of viewers across the globe. The footage, which showed what looked like a large primate eating apples from a tree, was also purportedly taken at night.

In 1976, two remarkable Yowie sightings reportedly took place in the village of Woodenbong, close to the Queensland border.

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