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Australian Couple Shares Picture of ‘Sydney Panther’

AUSTRALIA– A couple’s lunch was reportedly interrupted last Saturday when a “cat-like” animal showed up at their property in Goulburn, New South Wales.

Jeff Gulson and his wife, Ruth, say they were able to take a picture of the creature from about 330 yards.

“I’m kicking myself now that we didn’t think to take the pictures earlier as at one stage. Had we sneaked up a bit closer, there was every chance we could even have got as close as 50 metres,” the man said.

The couple claim they were able to observe the animal for 15 minutes.

The photograph shows a black feline of undetermined size walking across a treeless area.

Blue Mountain Panther
Purported panther walks through the Gulsons’ property. Credit: Jeff and Ruth Gulson

“Let’s be clear, this was certainly no dog, it was cat-like in its movement but it was a bigger than a sheep,” Mr Gulson explained to the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to the witnesses they were able to take a close look of the cryptid by using a pair of binoculars and  are “110 percent sure it was a panther”.

“We know what we saw,” he said.

The Gulsons say there are too many reported sightings of the cat, which indicates that there must be “more than one” of these creatures living in the Australian bush.

Big cats are not endemic to the Australian continent and are known as “alien” or “phantom” cats.

Locals believe this sighting could be proof of the existence of the Blue Mountains Panther, an alien cat reportedly inhabiting the Blue Mountains in New South Wales for hundreds of years. Some researchers hypothesize that this predator is the descendant  of a circus animal or a military mascot. Others have linked countless sightings of this lion-sized cat to the now extinct Thylacinus cynocephalus, a marsupial also known as the Tasmanian wolf.

Back in July, a similar sighting took place in the United Kingdom when a 19-year-old student photographed an unknown cat-like animal at a field in Gwinear, near Plymouth.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. The Penguin

    May 29, 2018 at 6:39 am

    Looks like nothing more than a house cat to me. There’s nothing to measure it against and I think Panthers have longer legs in proportion to the domestic cat.

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