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Alabama Man Claims ‘Bigfoot’ Close Encounter

Ala. — An Alabama man on Sunday claimed he saw a Bigfoot creature in the southeastern part of the state.

Bigfoot sighting alabama

Ken Patterson believes what he saw was a Bigfoot creature

Ken Patterson says he was hiking along the edge of a creek last May when he noticed something moving about 30 yards away.

“I glanced across the creek, I saw it move and I stopped,” Patterson said. “Behind this big tree, I see a limb come down and this thing stuck its head out. It looked directly at me.”

Reportedly, the unidentified animal bared its teeth and emitted two loud grunts the eyewitness understood as a warning sign. The man said he was carrying a gun, but that he decided to grab his camera instead.

“By the time I got the camera out of my pocket and flipped over the lens, he let the tree limb go, turned and disappeared behind the trees.”

Patterson described the animal as an 11-foot-tall biped displaying “jet black hair” on his head. Its face, he explains, showed a “dirty tan color” skin and “pearly white” teeth.

He adds that even though he had no intention of shooting the creature, he always carries a weapon “for protection”.

“It is just in case an unfortunate incident should occur,” he explains. “My thought was to grab the camera… I’d love to have a picture of this guy.”

bigfoot sighting alabama

Patterson shows the exact spot where the alleged encounter took place. Credit: Ken Patterson

Numerous reports of Bigfoot sightings have emanated out of the The Yellowhammer State recently.

In 2015, an Alabama family said they were “tired of dealing” with a Bigfoot creature that had been purportedly tormenting their pets and that they would end up killing it unless officials properly remove it.

Also last year, a woman in West Alabama told Cryptozoology News her granddaughter and a police officer encountered an unidentified animal she believed to be Bigfoot.

In 2013, a truck driver reportedly hit “something resembling a Sasquatch” near Decatur.

Patterson says he and his wife hike the southeastern side of Alabama often and that this is the first time he has seen the unproven creature.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kristine

    July 1, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Yes more believable but still no pictures.

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