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Ahool? Giant Bat-Like Creature Spotted in Portugal

PORTUGAL — A student claims he saw a “giant” bat-like creature in southern Portugal.


A bricked road connects a wooded area in Portugal

Almada resident Pedro Roque told Cryptozoology News on Sunday that he and his three friends were exploring a nearby forest in late August when the unidentified winged creature showed up.

“I and another friend heard a noise above. It looked like a large flying animal, perhaps a giant bat,” Roque explained.

The sighting reportedly lasted only a few seconds.

“Only a great flying black figure with wings. It looks a bit like a giant bat.”

Roque said he and his friends had never seen anything like it before. Large bats, such as the endangered species Acerodon jubatus, also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, are not endemic to Portugal.

The ahool, a giant bat-like flying cryptid first described by Dr. Ernest Bartels while exploring the Salak Mountains in Java, is believed to have gray fur, large black eyes and an approximated wingspan of 1o ft. Some cryptozoologists, like Ivan T. Sanderson, suspect it might be a relative of the African kongamato while others opt for the pterosaur theory.

Back in July, a Sacramento, California minister and her daughter claimed to have seen a flying animal they said looked like it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”.

A week earlier, two motorists said they had spotted a similar creature while driving across the desert on Interstate 80 on their way to Winemucca , Nevada.

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