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7 Stories of the Week: Dogman sighting, Helicopter UFO encounter, Yowie Handprint and More

The Texas Cryptid Hunter goes back in time to analyze Bigfoot encounters in the Native American lore.

A woman seeking shelter from Hurricane Katrina comes upon two dogmen creature. Listen to her story on this episode of Dogman Encounters.

A pilot flying Mercy Air 21 helicopter reports UFO in Las Vegas. “Looks like we have some sort of object at 7,000 feet.”

Montana professor suggests UFOs may be time machines from the future.
Michael P. Masters , who holds a doctorate in anthropology from Ohio State University, explains how flying saucers could possibly be humans coming back in time to study the lives of their ancestors.

Out of Tallapoosa County, Alabama, comes this audio revealing what some argue could be Bigfoot vocalizations. The Paranormal Review breaks it down for us in this 2-minute-long video.

In Argentina, authorities appear to be looking for a bipedal creature. An eyewitness described it as “a black shape heading toward the wilderness, calmly. It walked and stopped now and then.”

Our last story comes from Nanango, Australia, where a huge handprint on a car has prompted an investigation by the Yowie Hunters.

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