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110 Years of Eerie Bigfoot Encounters in Humboldt County, CA

It’s not uncommon to hear about Bigfoot sightings in the Golden State, but there’s one county in particular with over 110 years of encounters: the lush, vast Humboldt County. These old, deep Pacific Northwest woods hold generations of Bigfoot stories. Here are a few compelling accounts from Humboldt County between 1896 and 2007.

Mouth of Humboldt County’s Little River on the Pacific Coast. CC BY 2.0


1896, The Seven-Foot, Horse-Maned Wild Man

One of the earliest sightings of a Humboldt ‘Wild Man’ came in August of 1896.

A man named Mills and his friend Jake were chopping timber on a hot day in the forest. Eventually the men rested near a creek to enjoy some coffee and tobacco. As they sat, a putrid odor shot through their rest area.  Across the creek, a massive figure emerged from the trees. At first, it appeared to be a bear, but walked upright with “unexpected ease.” He described the creature’s hair “like the mane of a horse.”

The creature had all the features of Bigfoot, from its gargantuan height to its aloofness towards humans. Mills didn’t tell his boss. He was afraid of getting fired from his job. Instead, he relayed the account to a Native American acquaintance named Joe. Joe knew about these beings. He said they were mountain giants and creatures of the night who were “careful to be hidden.” To Joe, it was a bit unusual they saw the creature during the day.  


1965, The Midnight Visitor with Hairy Legs

In July of 1965, five teenage boys were camping in a cabin three miles into the woods off an old logging road.

As they slept, a mysterious noise outside startled them awake. It sounded like deep huffing. Whatever it was sounded extremely curious. It tapped on old rotting boards at the base of the cabin and moved closer to the door. With great bravery (or recklessness) the boys attempted to ‘get the jump’ on the creature. They grabbed their .22 rifle and swung the door open, meeting the thing head on. The frightened teens could only see a black shape with hairy legs. They fired two shots straight at the shape. It screamed and ran away.

It was unknown if the boys managed to wound the midnight visitor. That morning, they saw the damage the creature caused, but no blood. Did they shoot it? If so, is it immortal? The teens didn’t care to find out, and left quickly. Read the full BFRO report here.


1992, Eel River Roadside Sighting

In July of 1992, a family was on a camping trip. As they were driving and enjoying the scenery, they were passing by the Eel River, a stretch visible from Highway 101. They could see a hairy creature at the river, and it was walking towards the woods. The family says it can’t be a bear, since it walked more like a human. Read the full BFRO report here.


2007 Anguished Camp Howls

In August 2007, a family on a camping trip experienced eight days-worth of bizarre sounds.

Every morning around 4 a.m., they heard long, piercing screams. They being sounded like it was in pain. It’s common to hear unusual noises in the forest, but this noise was nothing like they ever heard before. It sounded like a blend between man and beast. It had vowels. It would enunciate an “O” in the middle and an “R” at the end (a Sasquatch language has been proposed). It’s quite difficult to imagine it being a common animal, and the family was convinced it was something else. Other campers in the area heard the sounds as well. Read the full BFRO report here.


Could every story be fake? Could all evidence— footprints, howls, and visual contact especially– be completely mistaken? Did the men on the creek see an unusually tall, derelict man just draped in bear and horse hides? Did those boys in 1965 shoot at a hoaxer in a jet-black hairy suit, an apparition, or the real thing?

These are a small sampling of the many sightings of Bigfoot in Humboldt County. Even though sightings span the entire county, the area is clearly a hotspot. If you are a cryptid enthusiast and looking for ripe Sasquatch territory to spend your summer, it may be worth camping out in the woods or exploring the scenery in this dense Northern California county. Even if you’re a skeptic, you may hear or see something that can change your mind. Happy hunting.

This article was written by a regular contributor at Cryptozoology News. If you’d like us to publish your article, feel free to send it our way!

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